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Norwegian 100 High-frequency Word Activity Collection

Today I have put together a collection of activities for the first 100 high-frequency words in Norwegian. Inspiration came from a great teacher I know, Turid Nygård, who will hold a collaborative teacher session about high-frequency words in Norwegian tomorrow! Best of luck to you:)!

In this download you`ll find:

– 10 fill in activities with small stories- 10 high-frequency word bingo boards w/100 play cards- 10 high-frequency word searches w/answer keyI let the students start of with the fill-in activity of the week and further challenge my students to copy write the small stories and make small books with drawings. The word search I send for homework or give as an extra activity to those quickly finished students. 

High-frequency word bingo can be played with 2 or more players. They pick a game board and must draw word cards to read aloud. If they have the word on their board they cover it up, if not place it back on the desk.

These activities will give students practice with reading, writing and spelling of the 100 most common words in Norwegian, and can be used both in school and sent home as homework!

Download it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store here for FREE:) It would be great if you would leave me a feedback:)!

I hope you like it:)

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