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How to create a Learning Vending Machine!

Today I am presenting how to make a Learning Vending Machine! A fun and engaging resource, that can be used for any grades and subjects! Kids love to make the vending machines themselves and create cards to go with them! A really great way to engage those tactile learners in your classroom 🙂 
I have used this resource with my ESL learners, Math and Language in Y1 – Y6 and it`s always a hit! Student created vending cards are laminated and they can swoop cards and try out each others. This way we`ll have lots of practice and I save a whole lot of time:)! I always keep the student created cards for next year as well. For the youngest learners I have made some vending machines in A3 (double) size and bigger cards, to make it easier for those small hands 🙂
Step 1: Use two colored papers and create two templates
Step 2: Cut out the corner squares on both templates
Step 3: Fold on the lines
Step 4: On one of the templates cut out two holes
Step 5: Connect the two templates by gluing the sides and bottom together
Do not glue the top!
Step 6: Cut out the slide
Step 7: Put the slide inside the box and let it stick out of the bottom hole. 
Glue the top of the slide to the back inside the box
Step 8: Glue the top of the box together
Step 9: Decorate your vending machine!
Step 10: Make practice cards for any subject or theme 🙂
You can purchase the whole packet here from my TpTStore:
In the zip file you`ll find:
– Step by step instructions with pictures on how to make a vending machine
– An easy to cut and trace template for vending machine in A4 size
– 2 editable word docs to make vending cards, with examples on how to use with spelling, grammar, vocabulary, math shapes, angles, multiplication… The possibilities are endless!
Enjoy and have fun:)

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  1. Den sĂ„ morsom ut. Skal tipse lĂŠrerne som har smĂ„trinnet. 🙂 Fant en flott plakat om lesing i dag, og den var gratis.

    Ha ei fin uke! 🙂

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