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Free Editable Computer Book for Students

I have created a printable computer book for assessing and evaluating students ICT skills. In addition you`ll get 5 different computer certificate cards. The document is editable so you can make it fit your schools ICT Curriculum!

I made this book for my mixed grade 3&4 class last year. Students became more aware of their learning objectives and the progress that were expected from them throughout the year. I could easily assess them during or after a lesson on the current objectives, as well as assessing ICT skills used during units and other school projects. Students loved getting stickers in their books and receiving certificates when they had mastered different skills:)!

Fonts used is Comic Sans and American Typewriter. If you don`t have them installed, the fonts may look a bit messy. You can either download the fonts for free online or just change them to other fonts from your computer!

Hope this can be a useful tool for you as it has been for me! You can download it here for free:)! Enjoy:)

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