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Alphabet & Blends Posters

Hello again!

Last week I finished up a long time project; creating new alphabet posters for my classroom. Because I teach multiple classes I wanted an alphabet set that matched my blends posters. I have created both a set of English and Norwegian Posters for you! Click the pictures below to go to my TpT Shop!

In the English packet you`ll receive;
– 26 alphabet posters
– 5 long vowel posters
– 5 short vowel posters
– 4 digraphs posters (ch-, sh-, th-, wh-)
– 4 ending digraphs posters (-ch, -ck-, -sh, -th)
– 7 R-blends posters (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr)
– 8 S-blends posters (sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw)

In the Norwegian packet you`ll receive;
– 29 alphabet posters
– 4 digraph posters (ei, ai, au, øy)
– 2 g for j posters (ge-, gi-)
– 2 silent h posters (hj-, hv-)
– 4 skj-sound posters (skj-, sky-, sj-, sk-)
– 3 kj-sound posters (kj-, ki-, ky-)

Here are some examples from the packets – enjoy 🙂

English – digraphs

English – long vowel sounds

English – S-blends

Norwegian – Silent h
Norwegian – Dipthongs
Norwegian – Alphabet Posters

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